11:54 Sunday.
I apologize for my diary being not readable last night. I made some typo's in the links. Sorry.

While we had breakfast (which was as good as the previous days) Ine told us her son had been playing computer games all night. He had played carmageddon. Now you may say that's bad, she shouldn't allow him to. But he's a smart boy, he knows the difference between a game and irl and probably forbidding him to play will encourage him even more. Though he didn't seem to need any encouragement. As an excuse, he said he had played for the speed, not for the points. But if those pedestrians in the game are stupid enough as to step in front of his car, can he be blamed of running them over? It's their fault, isn't it? And who bothers the occasional cow he kills when he takes a turn to fast and lands in a field with cows? Cows do slow his car down, so it's ennoying as it is.

My work for the meldpunt (the Meldpunt) continues, even here at HIP. We haven't received any serious messages in the last week, if I'm correct, yesterday I had a message with questions and today a complaint about a foreign site. Also, a request for information what to do about foreign sites. I usually advise people to notify us, and if it's a foreign site to ask us to notify the police. Of course, we don't automatically notify the police.
The Meldpunt (Hotline that is) is being used as an example for other countries where people want to fight child porn on the net. Our hotline is a good example of internet self regulation. The hotline is an initiative of internet providers and users, while the police advises us. After a year and a half of successful operation, we still think special internet legislation isn't necessary, it would even be worse than the current legislation. More and more people seem to agree with that.

Here at HIP, things like the hotline don't stop, I do get the complaints here. However, i don't find it appropriate to do the research I normally do after getting a complaint. That'll have to wait, or I'll have to find a private place here at HIP. I may need to connect my computer at our tent. Currently, my wireless connection doesn't allow me to be connected in our tent. I'll have to convince my gf to lend me back my own pcmcia ethernet card. Hang on. No need for that.

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