I just came back from the workshop on Javabeans and security. One conclusion can be drawn: neither java nor javabeans are safe. Bastiaan Bakker of 't Klaphekdid a clear presentation (a little nerdy to my taste though ;-) on the matter. What struck me most was the audience. I may have missed one or two girls (which I doubt) but I was the only woman. Only at the end MJ came in, and another woman who wasn't listening to Bastiaan. Does this mean java is not for girls? Why not? Girls, lets to Java!
I apologize for typo's, the sunlight makes reading my screen a little difficult. I'll have to hurry now, MJ is waiting for me in our tent, and I have to write a report on the javabeans workshop for the daily journal. ciao!

oops. Swedish TV wants to have an interview with me. MJ has to wait. I'll tell you all about it, soon as they finished.
They're making preparations now, to many leaves and bushes around (which I need for the shade, otherwise I can't see my screen. While they work, I can write and ftp. Stupid thing is I can hardly seem my cursor.
In two hours or so MJ will talk, I have to be there. Hope these guys won't take long, otherwise MJ will get dissappointed or I have to quit the interview prematurely. I'll choose for the latter I suppose. In the circus tent a lecture on ActiveX is going on, but it's still too hot in there. Way too hot. I hope MJ won't be affected by the heat, she's nervous as she is already.
12:39 now. Now they're filming me, while I type. I get nervous. It's not live TV, and will be visible in Sweden only. The program is called Cyber, but spelled in Swedish, Saeber or something like that. They still test, and test. Now they tell me that I should just start talking, on their sign, and then answer questions. They finished the interview now, they want to make shome shots of the pc. I'll be on Swedish TV on August 21, if any of you is Swedish and wants to look, please let me know.
If you can tape it and send me the tape, I'll pay for all the expenses. Margot comes in (I'm in the circus tent now) and tells me there's people from Sweden in the tent next to hers, maybe they can watch and tape the program.
In the mean time, MJ comes up and wants to go to Karin's lecture. Karin Spaink will talk about her fight (successful fight) with Co$. Her fight is an example of how the internet community can defend itself against criminals. Karin is on the stage, she's dressed in a sexy dress, I wonder how the nerds here will like that. Will they notice? Hmm. Karin looks good, on the stage.
Karin starts with the announcement of the Bill Gates memorial event tonight at 8pm, at his tombstone. Please do all come there in time ;-)

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