11:17 Friday. Opening has been delayed, because of technical problems. Now, finally, Emanuel Goldstein talks to us via video conference. I'm not yet connected, from the circus theater. I hope that later today I can write to you live from the circus theater.
It's been a short night. Yesterday evening the astronomers next to us set up their telescopes, the midges made me put on a sweater (though 13 of them managed to bite me. It itches). Breakfast was late, the caterers got stuck in a traffic jam.
right now, Goldstein gets hacked off the screen. A worthy opening of HIP ;-)

It's hot here. I'd say too hot to do any typing...
HIP has no started. Emanuel Goldstein addressed the crowd, Maurice and Rop opened the conference with a joint speech. Before that, after breakfast, Marianne arrived. We helped her set up her tent, next to ours. It's so good to meet all our friends here. Sjoerd just came in, so GreenPeace is here too (I don't know if that's official ;-)
11:53 on Friday.
Now HIP has started, there's a cue at the coffee bar. How will that be tomorrow? I haven't seen the news yesterday. The antenna broke down, when they were planning to show the news on a big screen in the circus tent. It seems some people have seen it. Depending on what they said on the news, it may become ever so crowded.

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