Tuesday 12 August 21:14.
On Saturday, we met Yves Eudes. Yves is a journalist of Le Monde. He interviewed me in June, about the internet Hotline. When we talked in June, I told him about HIP and invited him to HIP. I never expected him to actually come to HIP97, but there he was. He was amazed. He wondered what all these people were doing here at the campsite. I encouraged him to visit some workshop and to take a walk on the campsite and talk to people and write a big story on HIP97 in Le Monde. He smiled. Then he said that today (Saturday) the interview (or portrait as he called it) was in Le Monde.
Today I received a copy of the pages. Two pages, two photograph, and a very well written story. If he writes on HIP97 in the same way, it'll be the best article on HIP that's written.