We got there eventually, and the site is just perfect......

Some 2000 people are expected to attend HIP. That means around 70 Million people online will not attend HIP. For them I'll write an online diary of HIP. What will I write about? First of all, I'll give an eye wittness account of what's happening. With a notebook computer wirelessly connected to the HIP ethernet network a little webserver running on that computer will give access to the Word/html documents as I write them. Also, a little Connectix eye-shaped camera mounted on my notebook taking a picture every so many minutes will show you where I am while I write. For now, the camera is connected to my desktop computer giving you an hourly view of my garden (or the cat blocking the view ;-).

Hopefully, by the time HIP is over I'll have enough text to publish a book on HIP.
You can help me, by providing me with accounts of your journey to HIP. When the book is published, these texts will be included in the book. If you're a writer, you can participate by sending me texts, written during (or before or after) HIP, by email.

send me email.
The Monday before HIP